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Megan Luedke holding her calico cat Riz.

I'm Megan...

A UX Product Designer, Podcaster, Traveler, Astronaut (wannabe), and a Cat Mom. I spend my days working for CampusGroups, my weekends podcasting, and any other free-time I manage to find I'm spending it traveling, watching rocket launches, and taking far too many photos of my cat Riz for her Instagram account, @Riz_the_space_kitten.

I value understanding products and the technology behind them in order to solve customer pain points in the most strategic and beautiful way possible. I am constantly challenging the way I and others think in order to come up with the best and most realistic outcome.

I'm a Designer with a passion for learning and strategic thinking. I'm constantly looking for ways to connect my passions (such as space) with my design work. I love helping others realize that everything connects to everything else through science and art and everything around us. Through projects like Design Atlas, I'm able to connect with creatives around the world in order to constantly learn and develop my skills in design and communication.

In The News

Growing up in a small town, it's pretty easy to make some noise and get noticed for your accomplishments. Over the last few years, I've had the opportunity to be featured in various articles, receive a few awards, and work on a few extra little projects that garnered me a little bit of attention.

I enjoy keeping track of some of these unique chapters in my life as a creative to look back on and to brag a bit about myself from time to time. I track these moments in a simple Airtable base as they pop up.