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CG RDV hosts over 300+ attendees from over 7 countries and 90 of our campus partners who joined together for the inaugural RDV conference. In just one day we had, 11 speakers hosted 6 sessions and 15 breakout sessions as we explored critical topics in higher education and discussed challenges and victories, best practices, stories and successes within the CampusGroups platform. Working in collaboration with the Marketing, Customer Sucess, Sales and Leadership team I created all event collateral from digital assets and branding to prinnted


This project took place over 2.5 months from conception to event day. The Customer Success team brought the "Broadway"  idea to the table for this year's event. Additionally, we were working on introducing new brand colors and elements to our overall company branding. This combined with the fun theme meant I needed to create branding that spoke to Broadway's incredible history all while pushing our branding to the limits.

My Role


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