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Design Atlas


In February 2020, Jens Bringsjord reached out to me to discuss the idea of beginning a project. This project started because we needed a creative outlet that could help us connect with other designers, create, and learn new skills. This led us to our co-hosted podcast called Design Atlas.

In the midst of a global pandemic, we worked together through hardships of our own, Jens being laid off and finding a job, and for myself, being forced into a role that has steered my design career into a direction I no longer wanted to go in. We created a project that allowed us to do all of the things we wanted to do and so much more.


Jens and I spend countless hours working on researching, planning, producing, and executing each and every episode we post. Producing a podcast requires a ton of work behind the scenes, neither one of us could do this on our own. We split the work and take ownership of various parts just like any other partnership should.

We research and plan each episode together, through video calls, daily whats app and slack messages. When we can we design together in Figma, working together to build our brand, website and so much more. The tasks that we can't work on together we equally spilt. Jens takes on the majority of audio engineering and scripting.

My Role

I work closely in planning and organizing our guests on the show as well as managing all of our social media platforms. From Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Tiktok. I plan, design, produce and post all of our social media campaigns. To see more work, check out @DesignAtlasPod on all of the platforms mentioned.
Figma working file of all social media campaigns for season two.


In the first year of Design Atlas, we have exceeded every one of our goals, as a result, we just keep getting bigger and better ones. Our 20 episodes have over 2,000 total listens, averaging 100-150 listens per episode. We have interviewed 13 guests on the show and we have met many incredible people along the way. In July of 2021 we received a Highly Commended award from the MyRodcast competition, landing in the top 100 podcasts of 1,623 submissions.

Our Design Atlas journey is nowhere near finished. Season 3 launches in fall 2021, along with even more fantastic content.

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