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Design a mission patch for Alexander Gerst's 2018 mission the ISS. Began in Fall 2016, finished Spring 2017.

Our class of 10 students was tasked with each designing a potential logo design for Alexander Gerst's mission. We had the option to partner with another in the class or to design on our own. This resulted in 9 patches being submitted to Alexander Gerst.


We worked on these designs for an entire semester, meeting with representatives from the Horizons team at the European Space Agency for periodic check-ins.

Understand the basics of the science > understand the basics of the mission > design something that could be understood by the most complex minds and those far removed from the details of the mission.

My Role


In the end, my logo was not chosen for the final mission patch. Alexander Gerst chose to combine all 9 ideas and create a new design with the professor from our course. The students of Hochschule Darmstadt were still credited in the end, and we were all invited to the press release of the mission patch.

Over the years this experience has played a huge influence on my life. It's inspired my love of space and taught me countless things about working with people around the globe and what it means to design and communicate the complex world of science.

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