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Guiding students toward goals by leading them through co-curricular involvement tracks


CampusGroups by Ready Education

CampusGroups by Ready Education


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UX / UI Designer


2022 - Present


Ready Education enables institutions to build and engage their campus community, improving communications and experiences that drive student success. Ready Education Acquired CampusGroups from Novalsys Inc in May 2022.

The CampusGroups Product has an existing Co-Curricular Transcript feature that does not allow users to customize the experience data that is pulled into the transcript. Admins have limited ability to set campus branding guidelines and students were limited in their ability to remove irrelevant or less impactful data on their transcripts. This meant that our students were not using this feature and admins were unsatisfied with the product offering.

Fig. 1 Each student can create a customized transcript that shows their leadership and involvement acheivements throught their higher education experience.


Our challenge is to update the current Co-Curricular Transcript feature to be 100% customizable by students and allow administrators to create workflow approval processes to ensure students are maximizing their experience data.

Our team started planning this product update at the end of 2021 while we were working with an agency, Digital Amo, to develop a new design system. Digital Amo produced some low-fidelity wireframes that were used by our developer to begin development on the feature. Digital Amo was not able to finish out the project to completion so we paused the project until Sept 2022.

Fig. 2 I created these group cards that show the users membership data in an organization on campus. The user selects the groups and membership data in a pop up modal and the user is shown the final output of their transcript.


I was brought into the project after our developer had begun the development of the basic layout. My role was to create solutions to show group membership data and tracks and checklist data. I also had to create a printable version of the page. 

We used Agile Scrum methodology to develop the new sections on the page. Each sprint I tackled one of the new additions to the feature. After all, 3 of these new features were completed version 1 of the product was ready for release. 

Fig. 3 One of the more complex feautures we needed to include on the transcript was our Tracks & Checklist feature. This feature has progress bars, learning outcomes, badges and checklist data to show. We wanted to maximize the amount of data shown but minimize the clutter.


With these new sections, users are now able to show and edit their group membership experiences and leave notes about each group and what they’ve learned from their time as a member. Students now can select specific tracks and checklists to show their in-progress and completed learning programs and achievements. 

Students can document, measure learning/reflections, & highlight student accomplishments to complement an academic transcript or résumé to showcase involvements, awards, leadership, service experience & more.

Fig. 4 The mockup on the left is the developed V1 and the version on the right is final design protype for V1. Our next step is to align the dev version more with the final design. Due to the inconsistent timeline of this project these two things developed at different paces and there are many inconsistencies we are working to address.


Version 2 of this product will include showing service hours and Administrators can set university-wide branding for all co-curricular transcripts and specify if all students need to receive signatures on these official documents or if an administrator needs to approve the final version. 

As of January 2023 we have implemented V1 on two early adopter campuses and we will be releasing V2 in Q2 of 2023. As more campuses begin to use the feature we will closely follow how this feature makes an impact on campus.

© 2022 Megan Luedke - Orlando, FL USA. All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 Megan Luedke - Orlando, FL USA. All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 Megan Luedke - Orlando, FL USA. All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 Megan Luedke - Orlando, FL USA. All Rights Reserved.